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Specialty Bath Salts
Specialty Bath Salts

Specialty Bath Salts

Available in 8 oz container.  Clear, Black, White,  or Amber

Pacific Bath Salts: an all-natural, solar evaporated sea salt, harvested off the north coast of California. This white sea salt for bath is produced in the United States from the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Atlantic Bath Salts: pure Atlantic sea salt, harvested from the crystal clear waters off the coast of Brazil. Produced through the natural evaporation of sea water, ocean water is captured in salt ponds and allowed to evaporate by means of the sun and wind.

Mediterranean Bath Salts: This pristine spa salt is harvested from the crystal clear waters of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, and is a naturally white, solar-evaporated sea salt.

Breton™ French Grey Bath Salt: hand harvested in the Guérande region of France in the centuries-old Celtic tradition. Clean sea water is channeled into clay-lined evaporation ponds so, as the salt crystals form, they absorb a beautiful grey color and trace minerals from the clay. The delicate salt grains are then collected by hand in the traditional Celtic method, producing a beautiful, soft sea salt crystal with higher moisture content. Breton is all-natural and unrefined, and is cherished for its unique color, high trace mineral content and texture.

16 ounces